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In our reception you can lend a collection of cards of the Marais Poitevin, we require a deposit of 6 €, which we will pay back as soon as we receive the cards back from you. On these maps you can find circuits paths with starting points, distances etc.

The Marais Poitevin (also known as the Green Venice) is an area with canals, small towns with character and beautiful views. You will also find many picnic Aires and restaurants.

In several villages int he marais you also have the possibility to rent bikes.

Roland vélo in Chantonnay also rents out bikes and he even wants to bring them to our campsite for you.

It is also lovely to go and cycle on "Ile de Ré"; the small island close to La Rochelle. You can park your car on Parking Le Belvedere just before the bridge that connects La Rochelle with the island. The length of the bridge is 3 km. There is no fee if you cross the bridge by bicycle. On the island there are several stops where you can get free maps of the island. In our reception we have a map that we can lend out to you.

We are in the process to prepare new circuits with our camp site as starting point. Sometimes the routes are hilly, but most of the circuits are easy to follow for trained cyclists.

Below you will already find some circuits :


  • You leave the field of Colombier and turn right. T-junction on you left. You cross the village of St. Martin-Lars. You are leaving St. Martin-Lars, you pass the cemetery and take the 2nd left.
  • Straight towards Pouzac. You cross the first intersection straight and take the first road right.
  • After turning follow the road and turn right. At crossroads straight, turn left towards La Chapelle Themer. Continue the road in the village and leave town.
  • At the crossroads "The Bar" cross straight. Follow this road to the crosswalk. Turn right. After ± 300 m take the first road left towards the Gite du Moulin. Follow this road after the sign-Wood "Gite du Moulin" take the first gravel path. Climb the trail on foot. The trail turns right. In the end you turn left at the pedestrian crossing (near the Gerbers). Follow this main road until you can turn right to Le Colombier (0251 278384).


  • Exit right camp.
  • At the end turn left towards St Martin Lars, quite right direction Ste Hermine D 52.
  • After graveyard straight ahead Thiré D 10.
  • After sign'll end Champgillon first road right (approx. 2 km). Prohibited running ignore.
  • After about 100 m turn left into gravel, continue, after about 3 km asphalt begins. Will then immediately turns right and immediately left, then straight up to the viaduct. (N is 148)
  • At the end of the road on the left. For the center go down on the Chemin des Planches
  • For the supermarket Casino: first right (Rue du village), continue to the left of Ougnette Street. Straight Rue du Puy de l'Ormeau, after 150 m the Casino on your right.
  • After the descent of the Chemin des Planches turn left on the wooden bridge and follow the stream / river. After 100 m left and cross another bridge. Go up and go straight to the church. (Before the main street you see a place with Les Halles.) Turn left at Rue George Clemenceau. At the end of town turn left towards Thiré D8.
  • After the overpass, take 2nd left (the first is a gravel path). Continue on this road. Take left at stop. After 150 m turn left towards St. Martin-Lars. Cross the village and follow the arrows to return to Colombier (0251 278384).


  • At the end of the road you go left Colombier. T-junction on the left you on the D112 towards La Caillère. In Caillère you go left onto the D31 towards St. Hilaire du Bois. Follow the D31 to St. Philbert-du-Pont. In St. Philbert P you will take the D106 towards La Réorthe. The Réorthe after you follow your route with the D 52 in the direction of St. Martin-Lars and after you return to Colombier.
  • Alternative 1: When you arrived in St. Hilaire du Bois, you can take the D10 towards St. Martin-Lars.
  • Alternative 2: In St. Philbert P take you directly to the road towards St. Martin-Lars.
  • Alternative 3: After St. Philbert P you take the first road left - about 3 km from St. Philbert P - towards St. Martin-Lars.
  • The total of this circuit is max. 35 km.


  • You go out camping and you turn right. T-junction on the left turn. You cross the village of St Martin Lars and continue the road towards St. Hermine (D52). You cross Champgillon. About 2 km after you turn right Champgillon. You enter the town of Thira (D8).
  • You cross the town of Thira and take the right direction D8 Sainte Hermine. Then take the 2nd right direction Sainte Hermine. You exit and follow the departmental Thiré D8.
  • Sainte Hermine you enter and take right (the Rue George Clemenceau). Follow this road until the end. At roundabout (with the statue of Clemenceau Group) go straight on towards La Roche Mareuil (D948).
  • After ± 2 km turn left towards the Simon Vineuse D19. Cross the Simon and follow the D19. At Moutiers follow the direction Mareuil sur Lay Lay still D19. You see some orchards, fruit orchards in the Vendee buy fruit.
  • In Mareuil sur Lay (± 25 km) you reach a T-intersection (light ± 100 m before the intersection) you go right towards downtown. In the center you will find several bars and restaurants in the main street (Rue Herve de Mareuil) an Office of Tourism.
  • Lay the edge of the store you find "Château Marie du Fou" is where you find the Murat, a good stronghold of Vendee. The shop is open from 9:30 to 12:30 and 15 - 19h. Closed Sunday.
  • From Mareuil discover Lay by its river system. Let you slip on the Lay for a walk in boats and canoes, to discover unsuspected landscapes. At the foot of the Pont de Mareuil-sur-Lay: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm. Weekends: by appointment.
  • Canoe: 10 € / h - 5 € / h the next.
    Boat: 12 € / h - 5 € / h the next. Information:
    Diriam Hair - 1 Circular Square - 85320 Mareuil-sur-Lay-Diss.

  • After your visit to Mareuil you return fire and take left towards St. Hermine (D19). After ± 2 km (you go first fruit orchards), take right towards Bessay / St. Jean Beugnies (D88). At the STOP sign and cross the road towards Bessay / St. Jean Beugnies. Bessay you cross and continue on the D88. In Mottes turn left towards St. John Beugnies (D88).
  • You go on the road through St. John Beugnies, just after the church take the left for a short distance along the main road D137. After ± 20 m turn right towards St. Aubin La Plaine / Nailliers (D88).
  • In St. Aubin La Plaine take the first left, towards the C1 Parc Vendée Atlantique. Follow this road past the toll and take the first right and continue on the small track. After 200 m turn left and follow this road campaign ± 2.5 km.
  • Straight on the roundabout and continue along this road. Also close to the intersection (you grow the D148) continue straight.
  • At Thiré you continue on the road. At the STOP straight (to your right you see Kiara Pizza). You pass the church and turn left towards St. Martin-Lars. Cross the village and follow the arrows to return to Colombier (0251 278384).


Label La clef verte

La Clef Verte: With this label we have a close affinity and hopefully you too being a naturist. This label is a European acknowledgement with regard to an environmentally friendly management and actions. The emphasis for this label lies for instance in the use of rainwater to flush the toilets, the use of low energy lamps, sun panels, etc.


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